Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend visit

6 hour drive. I split it into 2 thanks to my old housemate in Tba who let me crash on her couch. And 'cause one of her current housemates (her sister) was having a party, her sister let me use her bed. Lovely ladies. :)

My nephew is so big! 6 weeks since I last saw him and I only got cried at once, when I moved suddenly and scared the shit out of him. But I said sorry, blew a raspberry and all was forgiven. Gorgeous!
Spent $127 on gifts and clothes today. My sister helped me pick them - thank you! Also, learnt that one of my sisters has a blog and says real wierd things on it. Might have to find it and sticky beak.

Mum and I went and saw "I am Number Four." Warning: Do NOT take a child to see this, even if it is a teenage book. The first two minutes have someone stabbed to death, and there is so much violence, and a man is made to eat a rotating ball of knives. NOT kids' stuff.

And my bestie - yes, she's mine, even if I'm not hers and I'm quite happy with that - and I went for a walk to the butchers and it was closed, so we turned around and went to Coles. And back. 72 minutes total walking.

On top of my Zumba, dancing and netball this week I am feeling like an exercise God!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New York City Ballet

70 minutes. That's how long I danced along to the exercise video. And boy, do I have muscles where I'd forgotten I had them!

I am in Brisbane on the weekend and I will upload a lot of backdated blogs for you all.

Suffice it to say that I am loving it out here, except for our seniors who are disgusting.

Brilliant move coming here I think. :)