Thursday, July 7, 2011

Miracle Day

I have an excited buzz in my stomach thinking about the new Torchwood series.

Jack Harkness... and his total lack of stress over his sexuality
Rhys Williams and his cluelessness... and his loyalty.

And up to date British TV? Hells yeah.

But I get a sad feeling thinking that Ianto is no longer in the series.

And I get a frustrated feeling when not one free-to-air TV channel picked it up. Only on Austar. Grrr.


I've had holidays for the past week and a bit - and for today and tomorrow. I tell you what, I am going to own it every time I am told, "Oh, you only teach for the holidays". Hell yeah!

Of course not. I love the kidlets, the knowledge, the spark in the eyes when you finally reach someone with a piece of information that inspires them. Or when they finally click that the ones column is the right one!

But holidays make it bearable when you are being yelled at, sworn at. When you have spent six hours creating what you think is an exciting lesson (Mummification and actually mummifying [without the death part]) and you get the whole lot of them just sitting and staring. Or when you get the parent calling and asked why their lovely one got a D and you have to tell her,

"Your son is a lazy lump who couldn't spell his own name if asked, so he failed because he didn't hand anything relevant in. And he swore during his presentation 'cause you and your husband swear like truckers and are never at home to look after him or his brothers and he's been babysitting since he was 6 while you're at the pub getting maggot. He probably has some issues due to your drinking and smoking all the way through your pregnancy and the distinct lack of attention he gets at home."

Without actually saying any of that.

I always say it's like that adage of 'forgetting labour so you'll do it again' - I need holidays so that I don't quit and leave the profession a little more lacking.

*Oooh, ego!*