Thursday, November 25, 2010


to the rafters... the opposite way. I have nothing in my house. Well, I do, but 90% of my stuff is now in my car. I am moving to Brisbane again tomorrow.

I am trying to be thankful about what I've already got. My health. My car. My savings. A room to live in CENSORED.

My life.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 days

Until I'm unemployed and need to move again. A new change and fresh start. :)

I'm not buying anymore food. I did this in January on this blog when I was moving from Peterborough, and thought it'd be a good thing to do again.

So. With no further ado, in my cupboard/fridge are:

NOTHING. It's all in my car now!

  • 1kg of spaghetti that's been opened since May
  • 500g of macaroni that's been open since July Pasta bake sauce
  • 2 x Rigaletto napolitana sauce
  • 1/2 pack of rice cakes
  • unopened pack of sakata from August
  • 2 small tubs unopened two fruits from August
  • 1 tin of spaghetti
  • 3/4 pack of pistachios, opened in August
  • 1 tins of four bean mix
  • coconut milk
  • mushroom soup
  • weet bix lite (sorry? normal weet bix aren't good enough for you, you need Weet bix lite?)
  • individual packs of nutrigrain, special K, just right, corn flakes and sultana bran li>
  • 2 long life milk

  • 2 Gatorade blues

  • Golden Pash cordial

  • 1 frozen lemon crumbed fish

  • 1 duet alfredo chicken breasts
  • 1/2 pack of pommes ball thingies

  • 2 servings of frozen Steam Fresh vegies
  • 1/2 potato salad

  • Berri breakfast juice, opened in August.
    li>Unopened Orange juice from concentrate Turned out I bought this out of date. :(
  • Nuttelex
  • unopened crushed garlic
  • tomato ketchup
  • 5 Golden Pash poppers
  • Parmesan cheese
  • 3 large potatoes

I am not going to buy anything else this week - I can't be bothered carting it all with me. :) And I can start again. Yay! Shopping!

80 hugs

80 hugs feels good. Even if it is from 80 sweaty 16/17 years olds.

Let me explain before you get all weird wrong thoughts in your l2st century fear-fried brains.
 (I understand it; most of you are mothers)

The year 12s finish tomorrow and they had a morning tea this morning. Now, as a teacher, I was expected to go to that. *yummy, Year 11 hospitality food (sarcasm alert!)*

Halfway through this morning tea, all the students disappeared. What? Oh well, more food for us teachers.

Nope. We lined up - I was hell confused.

Then, the Year 12 Coordinator says, "When you're ready" and I notice the straight line of year 12s lined up, out into the rain.

They then passed eacch of us teachers, either hugging or shaking hands with us thanking us for getting them through.

Very sweet. But kinda wierd; I know 4 of them.

"Thanks. You deserve a hug for your work Goodwin."

Um, thanks, but who are you?

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm in love. Totally, irrecovably in love. His name is Caelum. That's as much as you're getting.

He's 4 weeks old.

He screams when he's tired, he screams when he's hungry, he looks past you at the birds and the wall, he holds his neck and upper body off your body 'cause the world's so interesting and he's just the ittiest bit of gorgeousness this world has ever seen.

My nephew.

Welcome to the world Mr Man.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I like to drive. I like pumping the music up LOUD and singing along (most often it's a broadway musical, hell yeah, I'm totally cool!) I like knowing that I have independance and I can do what I want. The freedom that driving has given me is great.

It has even given me a year's full of memories from when I was 19. I have no idea how we didn't die, and my children aren't driving 'til they're 21 because of it. (OK, that's an exaggeration, but I will never allow them to borrow my car with their friends at 9pm and return the car 400 kms later at 7am the next morning.

One night we drove to Surfer's to Dalby to Caloundra.

Great memories, scary memories.

Tonight I drove from my house to my Dad's where I'm staying for the weekend. I'm going to meet my nephew tomorrow and I can't wait! Last time I drove down, it took 4 hours and 5 minutes. This time it took 3 hours and 58 mins.

Braindead and suffering from white line fever. But happy and nourished.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Forgot the criteria sheets

I was supposed to go to Brisbane this weekend and would have help the little cutie who is my new nephew for the first time... but my panic kicked in and I went to the doctor about my cough. Turns out, it's most likely whooping cough. :(

So, my arms are again without a little child in them this weekend. I'm going to Brisbane next weekend, so if it is WP and I get antibiotics on Monday, I should be able to meet him finally. 2 days under a month. I ache to meet him.

I ache for him to meet my children. Who, of course, aren't in existence as their father and I have not as yet met.

It's okay though, I'll get some marking done. I've already done one entire class set, and have two more. But of course, not every kid gave a marksheet in with their assignment, and I ran out of school on Friday as I needed to make a dessert for the social evening. I didn't pick any up either. It looks like I might be going in on a Sunday (!) 'cause I want to get them done this week so they're done and not hanging over my head.

For when I leave.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whooping Cough

I've been saying for weeks I don't have whooping cough. Just because I'm coughing and two months ago it spread through my little town like wildfire and when I'm finished coughing I have to inhale frantically to get breath. No.

I have a packed weekend - I have my BIL's 30th with people from NZ who cannot get sick 'cause they need to be healthy on their holiday, I am having lunch with 2 ladies who are immuno-compromised by the aliens in their stomachs, and my nephew will be 3 weeks old and I haven't met him yet (I live 4 hours away and I've been too scared 'cause he was on oxygen for the first 1/2 hour - I think, that's what his dad garbled to me in the 'we have a son' call.)

But tonight, I called 13 HEALTH and that nice lady said two things: I'm not describing whooping cough coughs - I'm not vomiting at the end of coughing fits, I had no flu-like symptoms at the beginning of the coughing time and I'm not whooping. Inhaling heavily and noisily, yes, but not whooping. How she could tell the difference I don't know.

Anyway, I told her about the 3 weeks old, the pregnant women and frail octogenarians at the birthday party and she said, "Go ahead."

I've got in touch with everyone and told them that this was what was said and to let me know if they wanted me to stay away. My sister said, Just don't pick the toddler up at the party, my friend (who's the mumma to my gorgeous nephew) said, if it's not Whooping Cough, it's fine, he's getting my immunity. And the immuno-compromised ladies haven't got back to me. But one of them has a one year old so logically has had the jab anyways.

But, once I'm better I'm gonna pay for all the immunisations I haven't had since I was 11 when I said at school no more. Better that than having to remove myself everytime there's an infectious disease around.