Thursday, April 8, 2010

Specialist - TMI warning!!!!

I cried in the specialist's office yesterday. Don't worry; no bad news. Not at all. On the contrary, no news at all. She couldn't tell so I've got to go into hospital *eeek*

Anyway, back to the crying. She wanted me to have a test that all women will have at some point - every 2 years; you know what I mean - so she gave me that test. Ouch. I know people say it is uncomfortable. But it's not uncomfortable for me. It is excrutiatingly painful. The doctor always has to try three or four times, but the specialist just went, "the quicker I do this, the less pain" and plowed on through.

So I was crying and shaking. Not a good look when you come out of the specialist room into the waiting area and there are five women staring at you.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today's address at church was on gratitude. It was also gratitude last fortnight. (yes, I do go to a church which has fortnightly meetings.) So in the theme of the month, what am I grateful for?

  • I have a job. It may not be my ideal school, but I am teaching German which is great. I am also working so am earning. It also makes my head stay occupied so I don't get sucked into funkland.
  • My close friend is having a baby and I am in this country to get all excited and live through them for a while.
  • My dad has a spare room which he doesn't mind me staying in every weekend.
  • I work part time. I get Tuesdays off, which is great 'cause by the time I spend two hours both ways driving on the weekend and then doing stuff it means I can have a break and wash my clothes.
  • gmail is not blocked at work. I can keep in contact and get my internet fix there since I don't have it at home.
  • I am alive. My body may not be my ideal (it might actually be a horrid bane in my life) but it works. I can sit on the ground comfortably, I fit behind the wheel of a car, and if I want to, I can order my clothes from the UK and feel good in them. I could also buy clothes in Australia, but the clothes off the rack here are 'older' than those available in the UK.