Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh baby, come on now baby

Listening to a song, Pretty Young Thing, by Tina Cousins. This happens when you just burn all your old CDs from before you went overseas and were a different person. Or, in fact, a CD which was unlabelled in my Mother's cupboard. *Could have been anything!*

The baby I am saying come on to at the moment is the job baby. The one that brings a job to you. I get the concept of 'if I sit and do nothing, I won't get a job' but it's really hard. You get your positions from the government when they're damn good and ready.

I know I will get one I love in the long run.

We need rarely cover!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

That means you mister!

The Abbey. One of the best days in South East Queensland. Ever. I mean it. It's just great.

There is nothing better than eating $10 lamb shanks (which I don't eat, you know, not eating lamb), walking around looking at swords and armour and watching grown men wail on each other with weapons.

Just as long as they don't drink while they're holding their 8ft tall axe.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My house doesn't

look like this. I love it though.

I am currently staying with my Dad and Stepmother while I am sans employment. They've been away for the school holidays and I've had the house all to myself! So great.

I am waiting for the government to issue me with a suitability ranking... interview. I know that I need to do that interview and it is scaring me more than lots of things have done in the past.

I think I made a mistake in going straight to the U.K. without having completed the interview first, but seriously, it was the best decision I could have made at the time. I could not have come out of doing the interview intact at that time.

I am positive I can now.

So - any of you 21 (!21! 21 people like reading this? Thanks!) followers, or any lurkers who haven't followed me that are high school teachers in the great state of QLD - any advice on 'current departmental documents' would be most welcome.

Otherwise I'm going in with UK based documents. Ooops.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dating profile pictures

Looking at profile pictures on a few dating websites - antidepressants kicked in and I'm being proactive :) - and there are a few things I would like men to take heed of. Oh, ok then, women too.

1. If your favourite picture has a child in it, that's fine. As long as in the caption you explain who it is. It makes you look untruthful when you say you have no children, but are hugging one in your picture.

2. If you want to include a picture of your friends, that's all good too. We appreciate it. Just make sure it isn't your hottest female friend and you haven't got your arm around her. And again, explain who she is. It makes you look like you're a) cheating on your girlfriend, b) only friends with hot girls or c) not over your ex.

3. Don't use your wedding photo. No, I don't care if you've cut your wife's face out. I don't want to know that the photo you like of yourself is from your wedding.

4. Explain why you're in a tuxedo. I'm gonna assume it's your wedding.

5. Make sure your face is clearly visible. All good and well if I can see your ripped abs... but I want to know what you look like to others and not just without clothes on.

6. I looked better when I was 15 too. But I'm not. I'm 28. I haven't changed greatly since I was 26, so that's ok. I look like a different person from when I was 15. Post current pics; I'm not looking to date you 10 years ago.

Anyone else having problems with how people represent themselves? Let me know!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dinner Party

I had one of the best nights that I've had in a long time. Way too much food, but (most of it) was healthy.

Four of my closest friends came over for dinner. Another friend and his lady came over for the nibbly portion of the evening. It was so good to see them all and talk. They arrived between 6 and 7 and I was left alone at midnight - 6/5 hours together, eating, chatting and just being together.

It was such a good thing. I'm even proud of the dinner I made.

1. Soup. Yes, OK, I made this soup on Thursday, then didn't eat it, but it heated up lovely. Pumpkin, potato, capsicum, corn, mushroom, celery, zucchi, broccoli, cauliflower.

2. Shepherd's pie. Beef mince, tinned tomatoes, corn, ketchup, spinach, carrot and potato, with a little bitty of cheese on the top!

3. Moist chocolate cake. Cake mix. I said therefore that I didn't make it.. but was told that I had to mix it and put it in the oven and I did bake it.

I had so much fun! And, the best bit? The men at the party did the washing up.  Ok, so they submerged  the base of my steamer... so I'll have to buy a new one, but they are only $20. And, I didn't have to clean up!

And today, I'm off to the Karate Kid (that everyone's calling the Kung Fu Kid) - whatever, it's got Jackie Chan in it. And Jaden Smith (groan.)

Friday, July 2, 2010

I am starting out again. Again. I have been on this journey for as long as I remember.

Going to 'Healthy Slimmers' with my mother and getting a prize when I got down to 48kgs. 1991 - I was 9. 9!!! My mother jumped on the overweight children bandwagon long before it was 'cool'.

Over the past 19 years, I have dieted. Many many times. And through many wierd and wonderful ways.

  • Weight Watchers
  • LA Weight loss (which is the only thing that has worked for me.)
  • Cambridge
  • Optislim
  • Veganism
  • One meal a day
  • Hypnotism
  • Weekly weigh ins and journal checks by the doctor (yay 6kgs in 1 year)

 Interestingly, doing this my way, the only thing that makes me lose weight is to have a sandwich and noodles every day. Very unhealthy.

  Essentially, my goals are:
SW: 139.8kgs
GW1: 125kgs

The lowest I've been in the last 15 years was 90kg - 14 hours of dancing a week.

Off to the doctor on Monday!

To be able to fit into seatbelts, showers, chairs. Oh, how glorious that would be!

**Oh, and if you are my family reading this, I would appreciate silent help. I do not need you to talk to me about it. I know that my embarrassment might make me eat chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.**

The Next Blog

So sometimes when I'm bored, I go to one of the blogs I follow and click the nifty 'next blog' link. Now, if I do this from my blog, it tends to take me to education sites. Not homeschooling, but schools who don't seem to understand the whole VLP thing sweeping the world.

90%* of the blogs I have found are by mothers. I like them. I'm learning some things. But I have nothing in common with them.

95%* of them are from married people, or those getting married. Again, I like living vicariously, but that's not me.

50%* of them are from devout religious people. Probably my four favourite blogs are written by LDS women and (a new found one) a deeply Christian woman who 'submits' to her husband (to the point of losing weight if he asks.) and a friend's who is also Christian. I admire them. I am envious of their faith. But again, that's not me.

Does anyone know of any blogs that are from people similar to me:

  • single
  • lonely
  • very obese
  • unemployed
  • childless
  • living at home with a parent.
No? I'm not surprised.

I'm in wallow land... and I apologise. I just can't seem to lift myself out.

* denotes a made up (probably overexaggerated) number. Not scientific.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


To honour my promise of a positive post, this is my dinner:

I boiled it all together for an hour and then blitzed it with a hand held bliztery-thing. It looks extremely yummy, even if it is much runnier than I would've expected. Who would have known that veges have so much water in them?

Now, I didn't actually eat it. That would be far too logical. It's in the saucepan in the fridge waiting for tomorrow.

Now, what I did eat? A full size chocolate bavarian.


NOTE: It's 2 days later and the soup is still sitting untouched in the fridge. If it tastes alright, I think it may just be the entree' at my dinner party tomorrow night. Ewww.