Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My weekend

socialisingI was in Brisbane.

Brisbane refreshed my soul.

Actually, socialising with family every day and my friends (and a very cute bit tall 16 month old) refreshed my soul.

I hope I refreshed theirs a little bit too.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The one where I get a tooth pulled.

I don't live in a town with a dentist.

So when I'm in Brisbane for the Christmas holidays, I do a yearly check up. Yes. Yearly.

I was having neck pain and therefore had to get an x-ray just to confirm that it was just grinding and clenching. And not something sinister.

Which of course is all it was.

I went back and had a fitting for a plate and to see the xrays. There was a massive hole showing up on the xrays but the dentist couldn't see it.

So I went back to have a filling. But in the meantime she got a specialist to double check. So I'm told I can't get the tooth filled it needs to come out. But I can't drive for 24 hours.

Ah, I started work the next day and it's a six hour drive!

So I've come down this weekend to get the tooth out.

I needed baby hugs and brilliantly tasty food. Didn't get either!

But I was so nice and numb wumby from the drugs. I didn't feel any pain, even when my lip swelled up to a monster. A monster I say!

Today I've had a decent amount of pain but ice, nurofen and panadol have kept it under wraps.

Now, you know when you have a sore in your mouth your tongue falls in love with it and wants to rape it? Well my tongue has been very handsy with the stitches.

To the point that it untied one of my stitches.

Damn tongue!

More painkillers tonight and then brunch at 8:30am tomorrow. OK so it's breakfast. But it's with my sisters and mummy so am looking forward to it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tooth out

Got a tooth out today.

Ouch for the anesthetic.

Then an hour or so later, my bottom lip swelled up so big.

Ice seems to have stopped it going up at least.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Is the number of kilograms that the scales are telling me I've removed from my body.

Is how old I was when I last weighed this weight.

I am happy.

If you're my family I have a weird need for you not to say anything to me about it. Don't really know why but it's superstitious so please don't. I'll let you know when it's ok to.

Monday, February 20, 2012


I am so tired. I'm not really sure why.

I think the heat has something to do with it. Really strength zapping.

Or the 8 hours of sleep instead of 9 I got last night.

Or the full day on adrenaline and being told off I had to endure...

Or the lack of food I've been eating.

I look at the lunches at school and kinda wish someone would pack me a lunch.

Valentine's next year?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lazy day

I was going to go to school today.

But I can't be bothered.

I'm pretty much prepared for tomorrow so it's all okay

I'm watching Dexter and doing lazy day chores.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have been saying gluten free, dairy free, sugar free abduction caffeine free.

Caffeine is fine. I haven't had any for almost 5 years.

Dairy - I want ice cream. But that's for the sugar. Cheese for the convenience.

Gluten - I want bread. For the convenience really.

Sugar - oh dear Lord. The first month or so was absolutely fine. Going along fine. I tell you what though. I want refined sugar. Sauces. Spreads. Soft drinks. Lollies. Ice cream. Chocolate. Every single moment of every single day that I am not distracted. I can feel it in my bones. I need it. I want it.

It's like craving heroin. Not that I actually know what that's like, but I can feel the need. It is overwhelming. It could consume me if I let it.

But my skin is clear, I'm sleeping better, my digestion is better.

I. Will. Not

. Break.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The willing horse

That. Above. There. See it?

That's who I am. I am willing to go out of my way to help people and I am absolutely happy to give of myself for my work. I really am.

But I was talking to someone and they said, "Be careful, 'cause you are the willing horse and the willing horse often gets flogged."

I thought yeah I know but whatever.

But then yep. I'm doing so much for nothing back.

I don't need to get lots of recognition but something would be nice. And really don't just dump stuff on me. Ask if I can do it. I have no formal title. I am just a staff member. I'm happy to do stuff if I'm asked but just to be told and have things demanded sucks.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've been working on chores for the past two days. Had a list of 26 things to do, and have competed 20 of them.

Very proud.

Such a big deal for me that I was home-makery for the weekend.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grey's Anatomy

Haven't seen it since before George died. Watching it tonight after Meredith gets fired.

Very very very confused.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mid term holiday

I totally had a mid term holiday.

I came down on Friday night.

I spent Saturday flying down to Melbourne and back.

Sunday, I went to Robina and back for a Life Coaching session. Then I spent a few hours with the BFF, saying goodbye to her dog at the vet and then having dinner at her house.

I walked to the train station and went to a course on Monday in town. Then I went out for dinner with my Mum and to see "Man on a ledge".

Tuesday, I went back to the course. Dad - skip this paragraph! Then my sisters came over and I learnt waaay to much about sex lives than I needed to know. I don't mind knowing; it's great to feel involved in the conversations, but some details can never be unleart.

Today, I have spent the morning working out budgets for going back to Melbourne for another concert.

Now, I am going to get in the car and drive back to W for a Touch Association Meeting and work tomorrow.

I'm back in Brisbane in 15 days.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Man on a Ledge

Was damn good.

That is all

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dr Who and the MSO

Was brilliant!

I got on a Virgin Australia flight at the ungodly hour of 5:55 this morning then was in Melbourne. For the first time in a decade I didn't need an extender belt for the flight! 19kgs gone from my body is working for me!

Went to Spencer Street shopping centre. Basically because it was there. Not much different to Brisbane.

Then I went to the immigration museum. Showed my student card and got in for free! Incredible. Great value. Great exhibition.

I then went to Jeff's shed as I heard it called - Melbourne convention and entertainment centre. Big place. Huge theatre is the Plenary. I got there an hour early and only just got my souvenirs before the show started.

So. Many. People. I really had a great time. The show was phenomenal and even though there had to be over 1000 people in that room it felt less catastrophic and much more spacious than the Lyric. Then I went to the Crown Casino. $39 for a steak I couldn't finish. It was like butter though, so it was great too. Then Virgin didn't make me go down and up stairs to board the plane. And they were showing Foxtel which totoccupied. And the Plane arrived in Brisbane 20 minutes early. One of the best Christmas presents I've ever received. Thanks Mum! And I love saying, "I went to Melbourne and back today!" Oh and sorry the pics are sideways. Don't know how to turn them.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 8

We're just about to get to day 8. For those of you in the know it's a biggie. Whatever happen from day 9 doesn't count.

And it's almost day 8 and I am so tired.