Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last day

It was my last full day in Brisbane today. I spent three quarters of the week wanting to be back in my own place - back in the good ol' W. Then the last few days I've been hanging out with the neph and his mumma and his pappadog. (Isn't it amazing that it is the boy who comes first now? I am totally enamoured and in love with this bubba. I don't think I can say it enough. If it's even only a tenth of how mothers love their babies, I am in awe of how much love there is in the world. And can't wait for mine!)

I could physically feel myself unwinding. Relaxing. Opening muscles out so that they weren't all tight and ouchy. I've only just gotten into the mood for my holidays and they are over. Well, I've got 2 more days - tomorrow and Tuesday. But tomorrow includes a 6 hour drive during 'double point' weekend. I will be well worried on the drive up. And then on Monday, it is ANZAC day. A day where we honour those who have served. Which is all well and good, but being in a tiny town (there are ~350 people in the town I live in) it's an expectation that we are all at the ceremonies. I don't actually mind - I'm glad that I am involved in the community and I can give a meaningful tribute to the men and women, blah blah blah - but I want the extra couple of days!

1 week is not enough. Oh well, 9 weeks until the next lot.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Expensive Day

I went to Chermside with my BFF and nephew today. A great day. Really good - emotionally nourishing and oh, those smiles! I just melt.

I bought:

  • 13 binders for school
  • 3 exercise books for uni
  • 2 pens for marking
  • 10 blank CDs
  • 1000 effort stickers
  • 7 sticks of plasticine for my year 9s
  • a bra
  • a white button up shirt (bought from the menswear dept at Target as not one clothes shop for women had one!)
  • fake Skechers 'shape ups'
  • flannelette sheets
  • flannelette pjs
  • winter socks
  • 3 x oven trays/dishes
  • 24 piece cutlery set
  • can opener
  • that's life
  • Take 5
  • candle for Mum's Easter present
And I probably bought something else as well, but I've forgotten.

Thank God for holidays as being 2 hours west of the nearest Coles and 2.5 hours east of the nearest Woolworths, I have been able to buy stuff I've needed desperately for the past 12 weeks.

This holiday hasn't been really what I needed. I've done a lot of sleeping and TV watching (not having just Imparja isn't actually worth it!) and gone to the movies a bit. I needed something emotionally nourishing, which I haven't really gotten. Not a real stress, but I'm just not as relaxed as I could be.

So, thank you my bestie and nephie, for giving me some succour and smiles today. You made my week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Babies

They are everywhere! It was pointed out to me that this year is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, so I guess it's a forgone conclusion... although they were (mostly) conceived in the Year of the Tiger. Horny horny tiger!

Anyways, I met a new baby this past weekend. He's cute. He looks like a monkey - how do Creationists ever get past that with new babies? Hell, no, we don't descend from apes, but all babies look like monkeys. Don't really like his name, but I'm sure it will grow on me. I didn't really like the other name that is of my little tiger, but I had 7 months to get used to it before he was welcomed into the world. I will get used to it. And it's a timely reminder that when I finally am able to procreate, that others will be judging my choice of name and therefore to grow a thick skin or choose something normal (that hasn't been ruined by teaching!)

Last night had a karaoke night with my sisters and mother. Holy God do we suck. One of my sisters even audio-recorded us, so that might be on FB later. If it is, I'm a-gonna kill her!

Early Easter last night and I think I ate my own weight (well, the weight of my forearm anyway) in chocolate. Feel a little ill. How in sam's hell did I do that as a kid???

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 so far...


  • I refused resolutions, only saying that on the 31st December 2011 I wanted to look back over the year and not regret anything.
  • I watched Channel 9 horrified for days on end, being selfish because I wanted to get out past the flooding to start my new job!
  • I got to the new job and met my boss when he arrived unannounced on my doorstep and I was still in my pyjamas at 1pm in the afternoon.
  • I met the new town at Australia Day celebrations and the 'donate to Condamine Bowls Day.'
  • Got conned into being the Touch Association's Secretary.
  • Started work and realised that small class sizes, while good through the research, are quite hard and nothing can be hidden when there are only 4 students in your class.
  • Joined the school band
  • Kept planning and getting unit plans on the school drive. Was horrified to find I am head of SOSE and Home Ec and that there were no plans left as the curriculum had to be changed after last year's bad report in the school audits. Have spoken to Head of Curriculum and we are going to 'wait' until the Australian Curriculum goes live for whole-scale change in SOSE. Was also head of LOTE until the Principal screwed up and removed that from my list and gave it to the peripitetic teacher out of the town 70 kms away. (who in a term of 12 weeks long, arrived 4 times!)
  • Drove home and back to W over one weekend. Very tiring.
  • Celebrated with friends at a baby shower on afore-mentioned long trip.
  • Also on that trip bought some clothes and have gone done a cup size in my bra area.
  • More school! It's never ending this term. Told students that if drafts were not handed in on time I would call parents. Did so for the entire grade (7 students) and was sworn at by the students because I 'fucking' called home!
  • Housemate and I decided we couldn't live together and she moved out. Not sad about this.
  • Tried on my jeans that I was given last year in June that I didn't fit. They're loose!
  • Going to Zumba three times a week for 40 minutes at a time. Totally illegally, but in a town of 350 people, how can we get an instructor? Beto just needs to suck it.
  • Two friends at home had babies. Don't know what to think about their names. They'll grow on me. Make a mental note to remember this feeling from when I have children.
  • Joined Apex
  • Entered students' work into the local show. The only one that won first prize (in the IT layout section) was the one I typed for said student. I can win a juvenile section!!!
  • Conducted the band at the show. Exciting and stressful.
  • School finally finishes for a term.
  • Drove back home.
So, there you have my year so far. I'm still sorry that I haven't kept more up to date. I will have to see whether the school computers will let me blog sometimes (the government's filter is rather random.)

I have spent today (the past 2.5 hours) reading blogs that I haven't read in 3 months. Catching up on gossip and peoples' lives. Am about to go and purchase food that is not extremely overpriced! $18 for 1/2 kilo of mince is criminal. But hey, I live in the middle of no where!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am now on holidays. My apologies for not updating more regularly - it's lame I know, but I don't have the internet at home in W and the school computers block Not really sure why.

I had weeks of blogs ready to go and left them in W (6 hours away!)

I am about to go out and see some 'civilisation' and will post more during the week.

Thanks for those of you who read me when I post.