Friday, September 30, 2011

So. Not a geek then?

I found my Christmas gift to myself (unless someone else buys it for me.)

I can't get it right-clicked, so you'll have to go to the page!

Holiday Wrap-Up

So, holidays are now over. Well. At 11am tomorrow morning when I head back to W. What have I done? Well... in no particular order other than the order in which I think of them I have:

1. Found out about Eftpos costing money from the 1st October. Thieves. (I know, they're not, it's a business... but it's my damned money and I live in a town with no reditellers!)

2. Handed in a (pretty crappy) uni assignment.

3. Hugged my nephew lots. Lots.

4. Held H for the third time, and O and S for the first time.

5. Paid $920 to service my car three months after the last service.

6. Chosen brilliant pictures of my nephew and one is in my wallet. Not creepy! No,  it's not even though I'm not actually related to him.

7. Seen:
Lion King
The Change Up
The Help
Spy Kids 4 (DON'T!)
Johnny English the Rebirth

8. Watched tv channels other than Imparja, Southern Cross or ABC 1.

9. Slept a lot

10. Done absolutely NO term 3 planning.

I had a good two weeks off. Now for the 6 hour drive and getting up the courage to ask my housemate to flush!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2939 words

And it is done!

Thank God.

Now I have two days to write three units.

But there's the TES and other websites to help!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


2.5 hours after I got up (yay holidays!) and I now starting to think about my assignment. It's 1600 words lacking, and I can't really finish it without reading reading reading. About to start!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Multi-years in the Australian History Curriculum

It doesn't work! How in God's name can I get these topics to fit in with one another to make teaching multi-years easier? I am scared witless as the idea of having to teach two totally separate topics in the same room. Not only the extra planning, but getting the message through to the kids and doing the topics justice.

If we were given just a broad overview of 8 - the ancient and medieval word, 9 - The expanding world and 10 - the modern world, I could work with that!

Do thematic units - for example, PLAGUE! and teach the Black Death to year 8, The Spanish Flu to year 9 and SARS and Swineflu and the possibilities of another to year 10. That, I could do. The same kind of content, with slightly differing focusses for the research assessment.

But that's not how I interpret it.

The Curriculum outlines an overview curricula and then 'in depth' curricula. And dear God they don't match. Not at all. Not even the same themes!

Note to the writers - we don't all have perfect little classes of 30 students to whom we can write the program once and then not have to wholly re-write again each year. I don't know how may kids are going to be in my class or the year levels until the end of the year before, and I then have to re-write the program in totality! 

Make it easy for people please - I thought that was the whole friggin' point? To tell us the 'what' to teach, but not the 'how'? Yes, you've done that, but you haven't considered people like our tiny little school who need to run a year 8/9 combined SOSE and, maybe, include the year 10s in there.

Oh, and I've got to fill 90% of the year with in-depth studies? So how do I get Geography, Business and Civics into the SOSE curriculum. We don't all have the luxury of having separate teachers - we have four teachers. FOUR! We can't separate it out because we don't really have the staff to cover it all. Or the kids.

That's my rant about the History Curriculum. I will now put it to the back of my mind, because it doesn't go 'live' until 2013, while the English on goes live in 2012.

And I still haven't written my Term 4, 2011 units.

**DISCLAIMER - I think that the curriculum is well thought out and written. I am looking forward to teaching some of the topics and I believe the content that has been chosen is very engaging and relevant. I am talking about my ability to do the topics justice in a multi-years setting.***

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Had a great afternoon at my Tupperware party today. Thanks so much to Jess for leading us in a plasticware gala!

Everyone I invited came so I felt great. I really thought a few wouldn't and it would just be S and me, but D, N and K came as well. :) And all the kiddies.

One hit everyone on the head. Two cried, fed and slept (under 8 weeks) and one tried to get another to play ball. Sooooo cute!

It reminded me of what I don't have - love and companionship - and discussions about the texture and solidity of someone else's faeces.

So, while I don't have anyone to love me (other than blood relations and a couple of close friends) I do have autonomy in my discussions and never have to think about other people's bodily fluids.... and I definitely don't have to one-up someone else on how long between shits my lovely little dear went!

*But I don't mind (most of the time) being privy to conversations like that.*

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Can I go on the record as saying that while Taylor Lautner may make a good werewolf (I wouldn't know, not having seen any of them) he's damn ugly as a person.

'Cause he thinks I'm sexy and all. ;)

Why I'm not getting my assignment done!

I'm not engaged in the content.

I'm updating my blog... and clicking the 'next blog' function...


One of the many mothers I know finally left me in charge of one of their children! I know it sounds like something stupid to get worked up about, not being asked to babysit, especially because they all have such good familial support networks, but it kinda felt like a rebuff. Yes, you can look after kids as your job, but not mine.

Then CJ's Mummy left him in my care. Not only in my care, she trusted me enough to drive with him in the car, as well as take him to a family dinner at my Dad's.

He behaved so well and willingly went to anyone who wanted to hold him. My aunt and uncle both had a cuddle and he wouldn't come back from them. It was so cute!

Then I got him back to his house and he screamed for a minute to see whether I would come and get him. But I didn't and he ended up asleep. :) Don't know  that I've ever seen anyone sit on their knees, then bend their head to the mattress and sleep like that!

So gorgeous. Thank you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Can you please guide me to what there is to see in Tasmania? I'm going to be there for three/four days in January, and want to come up with a plan, as it has been pointed out to me that just going, "OK, well, I arrive on this date and I'll work it out then" probably isn't the best way for a 29 year old to travel.

What am I into? Not so much nature, but history, attractions etc.

All I can think of is Port Arthur and the Cadbury Factory (which I know, apparently now sucks you can't walk through it, but I've never been - and cheap chocolate? Hell, yeah.)

Any or all suggestions welcome.


I am caught in between a rock and a hard place with one person in particular in my life. I treated them like shit for a few years and am now too scared to even contradict them in a misinterpretation of something I've said. So of course, I get treated like I'm too juvenile to make any decisions by myself.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day four *Warning, explicit content in links*

Not doing much today. I totally slept until midday!

Then I watched some junk midday movie with Brooke Shields, produced by Barbra Streisand, about Florida Family Law and the adoption of babies by homosexuals. Basically, it was designed as a tearjerker, but... with a point!

It ties in nicely with Qand A the other night. They discussed Marriage Equality, and Kristina Keneally said that she was in support of marriage equality. Then my friend posted an article about Rick Santorum and his comments about that if we allow homosexuals to marry, then we will allow bigamy, sodomy (uh, of course, idiot) and all other kinds of paraphilia. Some paraphilia are just wrong. Toe sucking? ewww...

But what's wrong with a little open bigamy? If all three (or more) of the people involved in that relationship don't mind, I don't see what's so wrong with it. I would be way too jealous of a person to be one of the many, but I could totally be the one in the middle  (I mean, the single sex to the multiple partners of the opposite sex!)

Marriage equality must come. It must. We are denying the human rights of those involved. As one commentor said on QandA - why do we deny the right of children with gay parents the right to have married parents?

But, let me sum it up with a cartoon.

It is time.

*Editted* - Tasmania voted in favour of marriage equality today. Now for the rest of the country to come in line!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zombies! Brains!

Eat brains! Eat brains!

How freaking cool!!!!

I spent over an hour with my BIL looking at giggling and loving stuff. My sister thought we were wierd. Her exact words, "Sometimes I think I'm a geek and then you two sit watching that and giggling".

But hey, nerd/geek - I know there's a difference and I'm much more geek than nerd - but that's who I am!!!


I totally have an assignment due on Friday. I haven't started, or even the readings! And what I have done, I left in W while I am in Brisbane.

So, I knew that this was going to happen. I was really engaged in the past two semesters and got a 6 and 7. *wow* Then I followed up 'Reading in and out of the classroom' with 'Teaching reading'. Total boredom. Overload I think. I really should have done something else and come back to this subject next year. :(

Ah, hindsight, you are a bitch. Why can we not have the benefit of your wisdom before we make decisions?

I have so much to do this week and I believe I'm going to apply for an extension. They seem to be much easier-going on post-grad students, so hope all will be OK. Otherwise, I'm-a gonna screw my GPA up!

Monday, September 19, 2011


They are very welcome, like baby smell or popcorn. Or, they can be unwanted. Like any kind of fish. Urgh, gag me.

Smells are also the things that can transport us back in time.

I walked into the BF's  house today, and I was back in the next door neighbours house, with a million (ok, exaggeration) cats which had peed all over the house.


So not into stale cat urine. And it was inside the couch, so I smell of it now and will need to launder my clothes.




First day of holidays

I spent today with S and CJ. He's changed so much and is a little person now! 10 weeks since the last time I saw him. He didn't recognise me, but only took 10 minutes or so to warm up and give me cuddles and kisses. Such a energy and soul renewer.

Little dancer jiving to the music. Every single bit of music in the shopping centre was danced to.

35 minutes of Just Dance dancing complete!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September October

We have holidays! Yay! Excellent. I totally need a break.

I know people who aren't or don't know teachers have their own opinions. Keep them to yourselves! It's like I'm not allowed to comment on peoples' mothering skills. (Except for on here, but it's my blog and I'll say it if I want to. If you don't like, you can read someone else!) I look after your child 6 hours per day and I earn these breaks. If you looked after up to 200 kids over a week for ten weeks, making sure their emotional, educational and health needs were met, you'd need a break every now and then too!


So, I'm back home for a fortnight and already stir crazy. Oh well... I'll pay my debt off and then I can go away for holidays! Not in a financial position for that atm.

I am trying to meet new bubs born in the last ten weeks (who all have normal names) but all the mums have demands that I am frustrated by and, because I don't understand I guess, don't particularly want to go out of my way to meet. I'm sure your little one is not going to die because you come out for three hours with him/her. But then again, I'm a non-procreator and as such have no rights to opinions on anything. I'm not really human am I?