Saturday, September 26, 2009

28 by 28

Stolen from Amy's blog.

Maybe if they are public, then I will do them?? Not in any logical order; just how they popped into my head.

1. Read Crime and Punishment fully
2. Make a new friend
3. Run a race
4. Join a dance class
5. Pick up my clarinet again
6. Halve my debt
7. Retrain to teach SOSE (HUMS for my English readers)/MFL
8. Scrapbook England
9. Cull FB 'friends'
10. Participate in the lives of friends' children. Like a creepy 'oh, that's Aunt X. She's not really my aunt; she's a friend of my mum'
11. Cut down jealousy
12. Go to New Zealand
13. Close my CBA account/s
14. Own shoes that support my feet and didn't cost less than a tenner.
15. Tithe to charity
16. Get involved in amateur theatre - even just as an audience member.
17. Join (and go to) a gym
18. Go and visit friends elsewhere in Australia.
19. Get Voc Ed Certificate to teach that too.
20. Restart connections with old freinds
21. Take better care of myself. I know what this means.
22. Less passive aggression.
23. Give myself two hours before buying anything
24. Keep a distinct record of the money I spend.
25. Take time out for family.
26. Have $2000 savings.
27. Have socially accepted facial hair
28. Keep things in closets and not on the floor.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes teaching is lots of fun

Amusing anecdotes from the classroom.

1. "Please don't give me a 'discipline policy level 1' or Mum will take away my straightener." Another year 8 girl from across the other side of the room - "Why do you think I've got no make-up on?"

2. "Miss, you have extremely pointy elbows!" - Year 9 girl

3. "Miss, why did you give me a bad report? You're so unfair"...5 minute tirade before yr 10 boy reads it ... "Oh thank you, it's a good report!" goes back to chair sheepishly.

4. "Mum! Oh, I mean Miss! Oh God. Miss! I meant Miss! *panicked year 9* Not that you wouldn't be a cool Mum though..."

5. Yr 8 girl to Yr 8 boy - "You love Miss" Yr 8 boy gags. "Sorry, Miss, no offence".
"That's okay X, that'd be my reaction too"

Things you probably shouldn't say can come out of your mouth sometimes. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to school

Two weeks down at school for the new year. And yes, that's wierd. I keep saying to the kids, "What did you do over Christmas?" even though it's September. Moved up into a different department in the school, and you know what? Oh my God, the difference is amazing.

It's a combination of three things, but I am ENJOYING it again!

I think it's gotten a little easier is that I have done three terms at the school. And I came back after summer - got over that 'she's gonna leave' thing. Which I am dreading going through again back home. :( One of the parents told me that her son (in year 9 - third year at high school) had had 11 teachers in my subject, not counting day to day supply over the three years - apparently at two and a half terms I was the longest teacher he had had. So I guess these students are seeing, well, yes she left this department but we count enough to her that she stayed with us. Big party the last lessons I think!

I am also much more comfortable teaching the subject I am now. It's what I went into teaching for - not the one I started with - and even though one section of it, I have less content knowledge than the students, I am loving. OK, not loving each class - I have two that aren't great, but compared to last year, it's like being in heaven. The two 'horrid' classes this year would have been the ones that I was enjoying lots last school year. Am toying with the idea of going back to uni when I get home to upgrade back into this subject, and SOSE. Much better at teaching content I think - I am much more comfortable and that's a good thing.

Keeping it quite on the down-low at school - if people ask, I say, yes, I am enjoying it lots, but in different ways. "It's like coming home" is kinda what I say. Don't think that the members of the old dept would be offended by the HOD definitely would be.

This half-term has five weeks left, one week off, then we come back for 7 weeks and then I'm having another change in location. Not sure how I am going to do 10-13 week terms back home - the longest here has been 7 and God, was I tired!!! Headed through Europe on a tour as long as I get enough money (hint!!!! lol) and then over to Canada to catch up with a friend from Germany and her 'big day', then as long as I don't get snowed in (((WHICH I WON'T!!!!) back to Brisbane for the Deanna/Travis shindig. Am so grateful that I am going to be able to share both days. I love weddings and seeing people on their days. :)

I have been here for over a year now and I love that I have been. Stuck out last year and, oh goodness, it was hard. I had a return ticket and no one knows just how hard it was to cancel it and not use it to flee back to friends. I am eternally proud of myself for staying and now have another outlook on it. Still missing people, but timing will see me seeing almost everyone the weekend I get home, so that's OK.

I would say, talk soon, but I can't guarantee that. :) Not quite as up-to-it as other bloggers...