Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mary Poppins

I must admit to not actually liking this musical. Not so much the music, the music's fine. But the storyline and the silly activities they do. I love magic and I totally believe that some people can do incredible things. But using it to clean up and sweep away the competition by a windgust that didn't make the news? Whatever.

So when my sisters and mother decided that we all had to go to Mary Poppins in Brisbane I was like, eww, but if we're all going ok.

So last night we went. And actually I quite enjoyed it. Mary was angrier and more passive aggressive than in the film. The mother had a narrative arc which, interestingly, didn't have anything to do with being a suffragette.

The kids couldn't sing and the acting was pretty wooden from everyone. And there was an extremely creepy scene when the toys came alive and told the kids off.

But Matt Lee's dancing was epic. And I am gonna steal lots of the ideas for the school musical.

I really had fun , so thank you to my sisters and mother for forcing me to go.

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