Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stonehenge, Windsor and Spamalot

Jane is over at the moment.

On Thursday I took the day off work (ok, I told them I was unavailable) and we went to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge.

We drove from Wellingborough to Stansted Airport to collect a couple of Jane's friends, then to Windsor Castle. We didn't attempt to go inside as the time was running out on us. The boys really wanted to see a castle, so that was good.

Then we piled back in the car and drove to Stonehenge. I was a little disappointed; it's right beside the road and the grass is immaculate - it's so fake! I mean obviously the stones aren't, but the whole thing for tourists is just so immaculately done. I enjoyed it, but there was something missing.

We then drove the boys to High Wycombe (it was on our way home and cheaper for them to catch the train back to London than Wellingborough).

Yesterday (Saturday) Jane and I went into London. We went to Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square and then... Spamalot! It was fun. It was a good show and it was amusing.

The day was good; I enjoyed it.

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