Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have gotten a full time job, thank god. As long as everything goes to plan, I will be teaching at a comprehensive, and teaching English, so all will be good in my own subject area.

It means though that I am going to move from Wellingborough to Peterborough; it seems I named my blog too early! :) I have three weeks to find a place there. I think Jane and I will be looking at places if she has a spare day. Or moving while she's here.

It's good I think. Even though I love my room in Wellingborough, and I get on really well with my roomate, however I have no money living here. They can't find me enough work and I am living on around 100 pound a week... The other thing is that this town has nothing going on that I have found. I will be a in a 'large city' and it has choirs, and bands, a movie theatre and things like that. More to do, and the buses look like they run outside of the hours of 7.30-6.30.

Jane's here in the next few weeks, and I am looking forward to it. She will be out and about with a couple of her tico friends, but I'm sure we will do some stuff together.

Then I will be working with my own classes, in a new education system and actually earning regular money! Let the travelling begin!

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