Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Week

It has been a week for snow this past few days. Snow on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and has just started to snow again.

Last Monday school was open and OMG were the students off the wall!

Thursday 5300 schools across the UK closed, trains closed, the tube wasn't running in London, the main highway through the country was closed for 8 hours with people still in their cars, Heathrow was the only airport still operating and shops were closed left right and centre.

It was amusing to me that the entire UK came to a standstill because of less snow than I saw in Germany. Apparently the most snow they've had in years. To the point that they have basically run out of grit for the roads. One council has bought the unground salt from a table salt company to replace their grit.

Thursday my housemates and I built a few snowmen on our front lawn. So cold. But lots and lots of fun. My housemates then preceeded to spend over 5 hours constructing a killer igloo in the backyard - it is still solid and standing 5 days later!

Friday were had to go into school for 1 hour and then we meandered home. I lost my wallet and spent the afternoon calling Australia and cancelling cards. Right pain.

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