Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peterborough Cathedral

During the last week I went to Peterborough Cathedral with the L* sisters. Everyone has been saying, "Have you seen the Cathedral?" I've been saying no because I thought it was the Guild Hall! :)

We went searching for it during the week and found it behind Starbucks. It's behind a wall and I was not aware it was there - can't see it from outside the wall.

We walked through the archway and there was a monk standing in the yard! OMG this church is breathtaking. Really great. Peace and calm.

Katharine of Aragon is buried there (she was the first wife whom King Henry VIII divorced.) Mary, Queen of Scots was also buried there originally, but has since been moved.

Really brilliant day, topped off by going back to Erica's place and watching Australia. Wow. Great movie - Luhrman continues to impress.

As usual, pics on Facebook.

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