Thursday, April 8, 2010

Specialist - TMI warning!!!!

I cried in the specialist's office yesterday. Don't worry; no bad news. Not at all. On the contrary, no news at all. She couldn't tell so I've got to go into hospital *eeek*

Anyway, back to the crying. She wanted me to have a test that all women will have at some point - every 2 years; you know what I mean - so she gave me that test. Ouch. I know people say it is uncomfortable. But it's not uncomfortable for me. It is excrutiatingly painful. The doctor always has to try three or four times, but the specialist just went, "the quicker I do this, the less pain" and plowed on through.

So I was crying and shaking. Not a good look when you come out of the specialist room into the waiting area and there are five women staring at you.


  1. Ouch. I hate those things too. Usually bleed.

  2. No. That is just wrong, you poor thing.

  3. horrible things. Hope you are ok xx