Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Professional Photos

I love getting my photo taken normally. I feel like people actually care when they decide to take a memory of me.

I hate looking at them though. It reminds me of how ugly I've allowed myself to be. Gross and disgusting.

So, when my sisters and I banded together and bought Mum a professional shoot of the four of us (three girls, one mum) I was horrified.

I was almost in tears at the idea of being in photos with my gorgeous sisters and people forever comparing them to me. I would always come up lacking if that's the case.

But actually, when I got to the shoot, I was happy. We were our normal disgusting selves - my sisters were insulting each other about their plastic surgery, touching each other's breasts and generally showing how gross as a group we can be. Not to fear though - I joined in on the insults and helped show the photographer how bad of a job mum did in raising ladies.

So, while I really don't want to see the pictures on the website today, let alone in print on anyone's wall, I had fun getting the photo for my mumma.

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