Saturday, June 4, 2011


    Woke up to my alarm. Turned it off and went back to sleep.

    Woke up to my Dad and Step-mother talking. Went back to sleep.

12 noon
    Woke up to Dad knocking on the door, telling me "it's midday M. Time to get up."
    Get up, even though I think, "I'm 28. If I want to sleep the day away, can't I?"
    Dad turns on Dr Who over the sports and gives it about 5 minutes before it annoys him and he gets up and
            leaves. It's such a generous gesture that I watch it even though I've seen it before.
    Answer the phone to the Everton Park Tavern and tell them that, yes, the booking stands, but can we add
           4 seats?  
    Head to Stafford City to see "Pirates 4". The joy of being in the city!

That's it so far!

I'll let you know later what comes next.

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