Sunday, September 21, 2008

first week at work

I have finished my first week at work. On Monday, I had the day off. Then on Tuesday I trekked a 2.5 hour round trip to Bedford. I taught religion to year 7 and 8s. A bit nerve-wracking as I don't have a history in religious education. I turned up and was given the textbook and it was really easy!

On Wednesday I had another day off. It was good because I could do a couple of errands that popped up. Thursday, I went to Kettering; an hour round trip, and taught History and Science to year 7 and 8s. Friday I had the best day. I went to Corby and taught English to years 8 and 10. This was a bit harrowing. Supply teaching and all that. I really liked this school because their discipline policy was the strongest. I know that seems a funny thing to be so concerned about, but especially as a supply teacher, to not have a policy that is defined and strong, you don't know where you stand with the students. If you know the policy you can follow through with some semblance of normality for the students who actually want to do the work and you have another arsenal to attempt to control the students who don't want to.

I also taught German to years 7, 10, and 11. I really enjoyed this. The students were given work and they weren't able to finish the activity because they didn't understand the words. My level of German really helped them.

I am going to Bedford again on Tuesday, to a different school. I really don't mind the commuting, I'm just worried about the money. It's costing an average of 20 pounds to get to a school and back because the buses in Wellingborough don't start until too late to make connections with trains etc, so I have to take two taxis in the morning. Once I get registered with the pay company, they should be able to reimburse me with some of the money. I will be saving up to buy a car here and then I should be able to spend less money and less time on commuting and more on travelling!

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