Sunday, June 28, 2009


Wow. It's been a long time and for that I apologise. What's been going on?

Well, I've moved three times. Am sorted now until I leave. Phew. In a flat in the catchment area, which could be seen as rather silly, but I don't really mind at the moment. Just get kids saying hi as I walk home from town is all.

My contract at the school has been extended. I am there until Christmas now, which is when my eligibility for work is up anyways. I'm not going to be teaching the same subject, but that suits me too.

I have been to London twice and really enjoyed it both times. I have also gone to two union conferences. If I was staying I would get much more active in it.

Three weeks until we finish for the school year. We start back up in September. A holiday in the middle of the year is wierd. It's also wierd saying, "end of the year" when you mean 17 July. :)

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