Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to school

Two weeks down at school for the new year. And yes, that's wierd. I keep saying to the kids, "What did you do over Christmas?" even though it's September. Moved up into a different department in the school, and you know what? Oh my God, the difference is amazing.

It's a combination of three things, but I am ENJOYING it again!

I think it's gotten a little easier is that I have done three terms at the school. And I came back after summer - got over that 'she's gonna leave' thing. Which I am dreading going through again back home. :( One of the parents told me that her son (in year 9 - third year at high school) had had 11 teachers in my subject, not counting day to day supply over the three years - apparently at two and a half terms I was the longest teacher he had had. So I guess these students are seeing, well, yes she left this department but we count enough to her that she stayed with us. Big party the last lessons I think!

I am also much more comfortable teaching the subject I am now. It's what I went into teaching for - not the one I started with - and even though one section of it, I have less content knowledge than the students, I am loving. OK, not loving each class - I have two that aren't great, but compared to last year, it's like being in heaven. The two 'horrid' classes this year would have been the ones that I was enjoying lots last school year. Am toying with the idea of going back to uni when I get home to upgrade back into this subject, and SOSE. Much better at teaching content I think - I am much more comfortable and that's a good thing.

Keeping it quite on the down-low at school - if people ask, I say, yes, I am enjoying it lots, but in different ways. "It's like coming home" is kinda what I say. Don't think that the members of the old dept would be offended by the HOD definitely would be.

This half-term has five weeks left, one week off, then we come back for 7 weeks and then I'm having another change in location. Not sure how I am going to do 10-13 week terms back home - the longest here has been 7 and God, was I tired!!! Headed through Europe on a tour as long as I get enough money (hint!!!! lol) and then over to Canada to catch up with a friend from Germany and her 'big day', then as long as I don't get snowed in (((WHICH I WON'T!!!!) back to Brisbane for the Deanna/Travis shindig. Am so grateful that I am going to be able to share both days. I love weddings and seeing people on their days. :)

I have been here for over a year now and I love that I have been. Stuck out last year and, oh goodness, it was hard. I had a return ticket and no one knows just how hard it was to cancel it and not use it to flee back to friends. I am eternally proud of myself for staying and now have another outlook on it. Still missing people, but timing will see me seeing almost everyone the weekend I get home, so that's OK.

I would say, talk soon, but I can't guarantee that. :) Not quite as up-to-it as other bloggers...

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