Saturday, September 26, 2009

28 by 28

Stolen from Amy's blog.

Maybe if they are public, then I will do them?? Not in any logical order; just how they popped into my head.

1. Read Crime and Punishment fully
2. Make a new friend
3. Run a race
4. Join a dance class
5. Pick up my clarinet again
6. Halve my debt
7. Retrain to teach SOSE (HUMS for my English readers)/MFL
8. Scrapbook England
9. Cull FB 'friends'
10. Participate in the lives of friends' children. Like a creepy 'oh, that's Aunt X. She's not really my aunt; she's a friend of my mum'
11. Cut down jealousy
12. Go to New Zealand
13. Close my CBA account/s
14. Own shoes that support my feet and didn't cost less than a tenner.
15. Tithe to charity
16. Get involved in amateur theatre - even just as an audience member.
17. Join (and go to) a gym
18. Go and visit friends elsewhere in Australia.
19. Get Voc Ed Certificate to teach that too.
20. Restart connections with old freinds
21. Take better care of myself. I know what this means.
22. Less passive aggression.
23. Give myself two hours before buying anything
24. Keep a distinct record of the money I spend.
25. Take time out for family.
26. Have $2000 savings.
27. Have socially accepted facial hair
28. Keep things in closets and not on the floor.

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