Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes teaching is lots of fun

Amusing anecdotes from the classroom.

1. "Please don't give me a 'discipline policy level 1' or Mum will take away my straightener." Another year 8 girl from across the other side of the room - "Why do you think I've got no make-up on?"

2. "Miss, you have extremely pointy elbows!" - Year 9 girl

3. "Miss, why did you give me a bad report? You're so unfair"...5 minute tirade before yr 10 boy reads it ... "Oh thank you, it's a good report!" goes back to chair sheepishly.

4. "Mum! Oh, I mean Miss! Oh God. Miss! I meant Miss! *panicked year 9* Not that you wouldn't be a cool Mum though..."

5. Yr 8 girl to Yr 8 boy - "You love Miss" Yr 8 boy gags. "Sorry, Miss, no offence".
"That's okay X, that'd be my reaction too"

Things you probably shouldn't say can come out of your mouth sometimes. :)

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