Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am almost completely finished with my Christmas shopping in October for the second year in a row. My excuse is that I need to meet the deadline for shipping and post, but in reality, I like buying presents for people. :) Gives me a rush - both the spending of money (I think I am a little addicted to that rush) and finding something that I hope the person in mind likes.

Both sisters are done. Mother is semi-done. I found something perfect, bought it, then worked out at home that it wasn't quite so perfect after all. This is the danger buying something on the other side of the world - it can make it inappropriate for back home in the antipodes. Dad is also done.

So it's basically just the step family to buy for now. I will have to wait until I can afford it though; all tapped out at the moment. (see aforementioned addiction to spending).

Second year in a row I will be far away from loved ones. I will hopefully be in the Royal Casino in Monaco all 'gokked' (oh God, I'm using it as a verb now) up and forgetting that I am not getting any presents or hugs from friends and family.

Next year.

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