Saturday, October 31, 2009

Days off

My reward is almost at an end. No more holidays for me in my England jaunt. Blergh.

I am quite scared and apprehensive at 10-12 week terms back home. 7 was the longest here and I almost collapsed at the end of it. *shrug* Maybe that's 'cause it was the end of the year back in July.

This week I've spent far too much money, almost paid off my Contiki tour for Christmas, finished Christmas shopping, wrapped them all up (and am just waiting for the posties to stop striking to bother sending them all (and I mean all...) home. For some unknown reason I decided to buy proper presents instead of just little tiny tokens like last year. Damn postage.) bought some jeans, gone to Lincoln and walked down the steepest hill I've ever seen (imaginately called 'steep hill' - photos available through my profile on a social networking site) and am just about to head out to Wisbech (uh oh, me's is heading out to them there Fens) to celebrate Halloween with my peeps.

Last year we got trick or treaters, but my overwhelmingly British housemates ignored the door, this year the Canadians are excited to welcome them. So, I am going to head over for some good old North American (ooh, yep, I went there!) Halloween fun.


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