Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sitting randomness

I was thinking of what to post to dip my toe back into regular blogging. I know that we all go through stages of 'yes!' blogging is the bomb and 'blergh' I just can't be bothered. But it was cathartic and I liked doing it. So, I was thinking what should I write about?

My friends having babies and me still being single? I love them and am happy for them, but a wee bit sad for me. Nah, too negative. It's not a gripe blog. Well, all the time.

My holidays and how I've not done anything I wanted to get done? Or that I missed my own space so much? Nah, that's complaining. Not for my first one back.

Then, I moved to be able to pull the keyboard tray out from under the desk at my Dad and Step-mothers' place. Ouch! I never learn!

I sit with one of my legs crossed and tucked up by the desk. And it hurts to remove it. I have to inch out and wait for my ankle bones to snap back into place. Ouchiewawa. I giggle every time I do it. And, I KNOW it's gonna hurt before I put my leg/s into that position. Why do it then?

'Cause it's damn comfy.

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