Saturday, November 6, 2010

Forgot the criteria sheets

I was supposed to go to Brisbane this weekend and would have help the little cutie who is my new nephew for the first time... but my panic kicked in and I went to the doctor about my cough. Turns out, it's most likely whooping cough. :(

So, my arms are again without a little child in them this weekend. I'm going to Brisbane next weekend, so if it is WP and I get antibiotics on Monday, I should be able to meet him finally. 2 days under a month. I ache to meet him.

I ache for him to meet my children. Who, of course, aren't in existence as their father and I have not as yet met.

It's okay though, I'll get some marking done. I've already done one entire class set, and have two more. But of course, not every kid gave a marksheet in with their assignment, and I ran out of school on Friday as I needed to make a dessert for the social evening. I didn't pick any up either. It looks like I might be going in on a Sunday (!) 'cause I want to get them done this week so they're done and not hanging over my head.

For when I leave.

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