Thursday, November 18, 2010

80 hugs

80 hugs feels good. Even if it is from 80 sweaty 16/17 years olds.

Let me explain before you get all weird wrong thoughts in your l2st century fear-fried brains.
 (I understand it; most of you are mothers)

The year 12s finish tomorrow and they had a morning tea this morning. Now, as a teacher, I was expected to go to that. *yummy, Year 11 hospitality food (sarcasm alert!)*

Halfway through this morning tea, all the students disappeared. What? Oh well, more food for us teachers.

Nope. We lined up - I was hell confused.

Then, the Year 12 Coordinator says, "When you're ready" and I notice the straight line of year 12s lined up, out into the rain.

They then passed eacch of us teachers, either hugging or shaking hands with us thanking us for getting them through.

Very sweet. But kinda wierd; I know 4 of them.

"Thanks. You deserve a hug for your work Goodwin."

Um, thanks, but who are you?

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