Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Babies

They are everywhere! It was pointed out to me that this year is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, so I guess it's a forgone conclusion... although they were (mostly) conceived in the Year of the Tiger. Horny horny tiger!

Anyways, I met a new baby this past weekend. He's cute. He looks like a monkey - how do Creationists ever get past that with new babies? Hell, no, we don't descend from apes, but all babies look like monkeys. Don't really like his name, but I'm sure it will grow on me. I didn't really like the other name that is of my little tiger, but I had 7 months to get used to it before he was welcomed into the world. I will get used to it. And it's a timely reminder that when I finally am able to procreate, that others will be judging my choice of name and therefore to grow a thick skin or choose something normal (that hasn't been ruined by teaching!)

Last night had a karaoke night with my sisters and mother. Holy God do we suck. One of my sisters even audio-recorded us, so that might be on FB later. If it is, I'm a-gonna kill her!

Early Easter last night and I think I ate my own weight (well, the weight of my forearm anyway) in chocolate. Feel a little ill. How in sam's hell did I do that as a kid???


  1. Not getting into a discussion about it, but it's new babies that make me believe even more strongly in Creation- how could random chance create such a beautiful and perfect thing? :)

    Names are hard. I know this time around we are having a big debate between something 'normal' and something a little unusual.

    Good to see you back blogging! :)

  2. Because all members of the species have to adore it to protect it to keep evolution going.

    Yeah, I'm blogging this week and then going back into sans le-net world on Sunday.

    Happy Easter (I almost said, Happy he died on a cross day like I used to in my incredibly rude teen years. Oh, look, I still did. Please forgive me? Oh, that's right tomorrow everyone is forgiven, right? :p )

    I know it doesn't sound it, but I respect your belief in your faith.