Thursday, April 21, 2011

Expensive Day

I went to Chermside with my BFF and nephew today. A great day. Really good - emotionally nourishing and oh, those smiles! I just melt.

I bought:

  • 13 binders for school
  • 3 exercise books for uni
  • 2 pens for marking
  • 10 blank CDs
  • 1000 effort stickers
  • 7 sticks of plasticine for my year 9s
  • a bra
  • a white button up shirt (bought from the menswear dept at Target as not one clothes shop for women had one!)
  • fake Skechers 'shape ups'
  • flannelette sheets
  • flannelette pjs
  • winter socks
  • 3 x oven trays/dishes
  • 24 piece cutlery set
  • can opener
  • that's life
  • Take 5
  • candle for Mum's Easter present
And I probably bought something else as well, but I've forgotten.

Thank God for holidays as being 2 hours west of the nearest Coles and 2.5 hours east of the nearest Woolworths, I have been able to buy stuff I've needed desperately for the past 12 weeks.

This holiday hasn't been really what I needed. I've done a lot of sleeping and TV watching (not having just Imparja isn't actually worth it!) and gone to the movies a bit. I needed something emotionally nourishing, which I haven't really gotten. Not a real stress, but I'm just not as relaxed as I could be.

So, thank you my bestie and nephie, for giving me some succour and smiles today. You made my week.

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