Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Dinner

I went out for Christmas dinner with friends last night. Now, I knew that two friends wouldn't be there; one had a family birthday and one doesn't come out very often. I look forward to this dinner all year. And I was a little disappointed.

The nephew is being clingy and cranky. Not really a problem. It's a phase - he hasn't seen me for almost ten weeks. I understand. I'm awkward around ppl I don't really know too. :) He gave me a kiss at the end of the night and made everything ok.

The geek squad came. I am a geek/nerd too. This is a testament to my nerdiness (oh, and I got those sonic screwdrivers from my friends last night!) I enjoy geekiness and allow it in my life. But, if you are at a dinner table, you should have a conversation, not text.

To illustrate, let me draw a picture.
Orange, bright yellow, brown and light brown were talking to each other. They are my close friends. Yellow and cream were texting each other. Cream and dark green were texting each other. The three blues were sitting in silence. Light green was me.

Now, I know that people I know read this. Please know that I don't regret going, nor having them there. They are your friends and I'm sure if I was given a chance, I would like them. They do play D&D and love computer games after all - isn't that what I love about you?

 But surely having to sit with the person who organised the night isn't so bad that you have to either text each other, thereby excluding said person, or sitting in silence, and not responding to any attempt of conversation.

And must we really leave a restaurant ten minutes after finishing eating? Again, not a complaint being levelled at orange, brown, yellow or light brown; the babies you had there made you go home, I understand that. I really just wanted to get together and chat with friends. I only have friends every ten weeks you see and then when I organise something so that I can chat, the people sitting around me have no interest.

I just felt lost.

But I love you and am really looking forward to getting to spend some chat time with you, even though I know it's really hard to at the moment.

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