Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Santa

I was sitting at the computer this morning, wondering what I should type in. Given I haven't blogged since October - my Android powered phone allows me to read blogs, but blogger doesn't work. For me, that is.

I thought I'd just start as if I hadn't been away. So, as it is the 12th of December, and Santa is out there looking for everyone's lists, here is mine:

1. Ticket to Dr Who and the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra.

My Mum has actually already bought this for me. I spent this morning buying air tickets to get down there!

3. Harry Potter's Wand

Isn't the whole thing about Christmas that you can ask for stuff that you want
but could never justify actually buying for yourself?

In purple. I think.

5. Tupperware Toiletries Set

6. The Outsiders Shirt

I said no school oriented gifts and it is true that I will be teaching the Outsiders and it will be a great asset for that. But really, it's just freaking cool! Or, if not this one, Animal Farm, or A Clockwork Orange.

7. A Zazen Water Filter

8. Dr 9-11 Sonic Screwdrivers

Hmmm... I may be a little bit of a nerd...

9.  Pyjamas

10. iTunes vouchers
 But more than $20!!

That's my 10 things I want this year. I've never (as an adult) been able to give people 10 options. So, I'm really happy!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I've already got presents for almost everyone - no one's given me a list though...

Happy Shopping!

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