Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have been saying gluten free, dairy free, sugar free abduction caffeine free.

Caffeine is fine. I haven't had any for almost 5 years.

Dairy - I want ice cream. But that's for the sugar. Cheese for the convenience.

Gluten - I want bread. For the convenience really.

Sugar - oh dear Lord. The first month or so was absolutely fine. Going along fine. I tell you what though. I want refined sugar. Sauces. Spreads. Soft drinks. Lollies. Ice cream. Chocolate. Every single moment of every single day that I am not distracted. I can feel it in my bones. I need it. I want it.

It's like craving heroin. Not that I actually know what that's like, but I can feel the need. It is overwhelming. It could consume me if I let it.

But my skin is clear, I'm sleeping better, my digestion is better.

I. Will. Not

. Break.

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  1. I am SUPER impressed with you! I've been trying to give up sugar and only make it about a week before I cave. It IS like heroin! It is soooo hard, but it sounds like you'll make it through :). Congratulations!!