Saturday, February 25, 2012

The one where I get a tooth pulled.

I don't live in a town with a dentist.

So when I'm in Brisbane for the Christmas holidays, I do a yearly check up. Yes. Yearly.

I was having neck pain and therefore had to get an x-ray just to confirm that it was just grinding and clenching. And not something sinister.

Which of course is all it was.

I went back and had a fitting for a plate and to see the xrays. There was a massive hole showing up on the xrays but the dentist couldn't see it.

So I went back to have a filling. But in the meantime she got a specialist to double check. So I'm told I can't get the tooth filled it needs to come out. But I can't drive for 24 hours.

Ah, I started work the next day and it's a six hour drive!

So I've come down this weekend to get the tooth out.

I needed baby hugs and brilliantly tasty food. Didn't get either!

But I was so nice and numb wumby from the drugs. I didn't feel any pain, even when my lip swelled up to a monster. A monster I say!

Today I've had a decent amount of pain but ice, nurofen and panadol have kept it under wraps.

Now, you know when you have a sore in your mouth your tongue falls in love with it and wants to rape it? Well my tongue has been very handsy with the stitches.

To the point that it untied one of my stitches.

Damn tongue!

More painkillers tonight and then brunch at 8:30am tomorrow. OK so it's breakfast. But it's with my sisters and mummy so am looking forward to it.

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