Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dr Who and the MSO

Was brilliant!

I got on a Virgin Australia flight at the ungodly hour of 5:55 this morning then was in Melbourne. For the first time in a decade I didn't need an extender belt for the flight! 19kgs gone from my body is working for me!

Went to Spencer Street shopping centre. Basically because it was there. Not much different to Brisbane.

Then I went to the immigration museum. Showed my student card and got in for free! Incredible. Great value. Great exhibition.

I then went to Jeff's shed as I heard it called - Melbourne convention and entertainment centre. Big place. Huge theatre is the Plenary. I got there an hour early and only just got my souvenirs before the show started.

So. Many. People. I really had a great time. The show was phenomenal and even though there had to be over 1000 people in that room it felt less catastrophic and much more spacious than the Lyric. Then I went to the Crown Casino. $39 for a steak I couldn't finish. It was like butter though, so it was great too. Then Virgin didn't make me go down and up stairs to board the plane. And they were showing Foxtel which totoccupied. And the Plane arrived in Brisbane 20 minutes early. One of the best Christmas presents I've ever received. Thanks Mum! And I love saying, "I went to Melbourne and back today!" Oh and sorry the pics are sideways. Don't know how to turn them.

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