Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

I know that millions of people are celebrating today. And I know that people enjoy it.

I don't.

For a few reasons:

- we are celebrating the attempt to annihilate and entire race of people in the space of 100 years.

- we choose dodgy recipients of the Australian of the Year. Geoffrey Rush is a great dude and spent hours with us at school in the year after Shine, but really? Up against the people who really have done things for Australian like saving wildlife etc a person who just raises the Australian profile through his job smacks of not thinking and wanting a famous person because you're condescending to the public thinking they won't 'get' someone they don't already know.

- we celebrate through Bogan. Australia is NOT all about drinking and beating up foreigners... but if you don't you're 'unaustralian'. Come on already. Just because I don't drink and the traditional barbecue is not something I would jump at a chance to attend doesn't mean I can't claim my citizenship.
- We might think getting so drunk that you can't naked it to work tomorrow is fun, but trust me, the rest of the world doesn't. Why do you think Amsterdam has banned foreigners from partaking? You're not fun when you start drinking yesterday and won't stop until midnight tonight!

I tend to hibernate on this day.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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