Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had a holiday booked in for Tasmania starting at 5:30am tomorrow morning. Last week I had a blood test because of how I've been feeling. The doctor today, a totally new one I've never seen, heard my symptoms and looked at the blood results and said that instead of the holiday, I need an exercise cardio echo.

So, this afternoon has been spent changing flights ($120 alteration fees), cancelling booked accommodation and hire cars.

Now, most people would be upset about this. I'm not. I'm happy - I want to be well, so if this is the test I need to be able to do that, then I'm all for it.

Yes, I've lost a few hundred dollars, which sucks, but I can afford it all. My panic attacks are mainly about my heart stopping, so if I have this test, on top of the Halter Monitor which gave me the all clear a few years ago, the blood tests from last week which rule out lots of virusses and diabetes, and haemachromatosis and low iron and all the natural remedies and work I have been doing, then I can finally f***ing move on!

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