Monday, January 2, 2012

Passage of time

I met my cousin's youngest for the first time today. She was gorgeous. Very tall, but gorgeous. I have met the elder one, but he was 2 (He's now 10!). He's also quite tall.  I remember being babysat by their mum.

Yesterday, I had a New Year's Day celebration with friends and their bubbas. CJ is so much bigger now - 12 months and he has grown up so much. M is talking and is actively seeking 'adult' things. H is crawling comfortably and S is trying to sit up. It's phenomenal.

It's insane, the passage of time. You really see it in children don't you?

If I stay at my school ten more years, I will see the 2011 prep (kindergarten/reception) kids at the end of their schooling at our school, in year 10.

Even with the passage of time in a normal secondary school you can really really really see the passage of time in the way the kids grow up and age.

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