Monday, June 21, 2010


So any of you good people who drop in when I bother to write on here might know that I am addicted to three things: food, facebook and T.V. I can't remember when it started, and I really wish I wasn't, but man, I get soooo bored.

Anyhoo. One of my favourite shows is Dr. Who. (The new one; not that old stuff) I liked Chris Eccleston, loved David Tennant and am falling in love with Matt Smith as well.

I feel a traitor. I spent all last year going, "No one, I repeat NO ONE is going to replace David Tennant. He is the doctor and all others will be only pretending." Yes, I would say that damned loud - capitals were required. But I have been just in love with the new incarnation.

You know what though? I don't think it's Matt Smith. I think it was the dynamic of having Amy and Rory along for the ride. I know that Rose and Micky were along for the ride for a while, but it felt forced; the doctor sooo didn't want Micky there. Rose also didn't seem to want him there. So it felt wrong. Amy on the other hand (or Amelia, which is what I always say in my head after someone says Amy) was in love with Rory; she only wanted him, she was in pure joy sharing this experience with him. He was who she wanted - the doctor was a man who gave them lots of fun, scares and the universe.

Then they did it.

Stop reading right now if you don't know what happened with the Homo Reptilia. I mean it, stop. There will be spoilers.

When Rory died for the second episode in a row, I thought, "Hey, maybe he'll get resurrected like last week." Nope. Dead. As a doornail. Havin built up the character and making me fall in love with him, it was not fair. To tell you the truth, I like when there's a shock death. Doyle on Angel being one of my all-time favourites. I like it when characters die. Even the ones I am irrevocably in love with. I think it's the mark of good writing, directing and acting to have the viewer sobbing along - I don't think it's ever been done as well as with Ianto Jones. I cried for days - and I'd only seen about four episodes of Torchwood before. It's the sole point of making a character die. If the viewer isn't upset and in grief, you may as well as have sent them to move to the Gold Coast (Word up Neighbours!)

Even though, regarding Rose being sent to an alternate universe, it was said, "It's a happy series, it's about hope, no one can die," (I'm paraphrasing here and it might have been Russell T Davies, who jumped ship for America and Torchwood, who said it, but isn't the premise the same? ) they killed one of the companions off.

But did Stephen Moffett et al let me have that grief? Did he hell. No sooner than Rory uttered his last, "But we were on the hill" did the time energy (or some such Dr Who nonsense) come out of the crack in the wall to remove his existence from the world. Amy no longer remembers him, so we can't go through the mourning with her. I am so mad. They removed one of (I think) the best character devices from the series ever and we aren't alllowed to mourn. What a load of codswallop.

But then, last night, the Dr showed us he remembered - "Amy, Rory" Amy answered "who?" So someone remembers him, I just wish we were allowed time to let him go.

And I hope that Amy doesn't become another Dr-lover simpering around for his affection. Like Rose and Martha. Keep her Donna-esque.

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