Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I don't own this pretty picture. I would've found one of my own, but I'm on my Dad's computer

It's bloomin' cold. I mean it. It's like that above should be in my town. It's not though. I live in the 'northern' part of Australia. I say 'northern' cause on a map it's pretty much the middle of the country vertically. But it's still counted as north. Well, all the people from the soaps set down south either are killed off or go to 'Queensland' for the sun... not unlike the weak ending on Ugly Betty. (Which shall remain for another story)

I understand this blog is starting to be negative. (I just said, "I understand" in my head like the lovely cross-eyed beauty on the 'Say yes to the dress' ad: I know she want's mermaid shape, I understand.) I don't mean it to be; honestly, I really really don't.

On a positive note, I've added some followers because of the 50 Things post link - - quick! Go to blogthis and vote for me. Don't enter- that will decrease my chances of winning. ;)

But the chilly air is invigorating me to sleep. I just can't seem to face doing anything. Third day in a row, and I slept until 10am. Yesterday, I slept until 12:45 pm. I have to go and get my student I.D. from UQ, but am thinking it's going to be too cold to get changed.

You know that whole, "I live in the north" thing? Apparently, it doesn't get cold enough here to own a heater. Even though it's 12.2 degrees celsius.

*I feel I need to include a postscript as I am aware that 12.2 degrees is, in fact, not cold. I will attempt to explain like I have everytime I've been overseas. I live in a house that is 6-8 feet off the ground, to allow the air to circulate under the house to cool it down. It also have insulation (that didn't kill anyone) keep the heat out. Because of afore-mentioned stumps in this post-war marvel, the single pane windows don't close airtight and the open plan living means I can't close a door and be cosy. I PROMISE the next post will be positive*

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