Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dinner Party

I had one of the best nights that I've had in a long time. Way too much food, but (most of it) was healthy.

Four of my closest friends came over for dinner. Another friend and his lady came over for the nibbly portion of the evening. It was so good to see them all and talk. They arrived between 6 and 7 and I was left alone at midnight - 6/5 hours together, eating, chatting and just being together.

It was such a good thing. I'm even proud of the dinner I made.

1. Soup. Yes, OK, I made this soup on Thursday, then didn't eat it, but it heated up lovely. Pumpkin, potato, capsicum, corn, mushroom, celery, zucchi, broccoli, cauliflower.

2. Shepherd's pie. Beef mince, tinned tomatoes, corn, ketchup, spinach, carrot and potato, with a little bitty of cheese on the top!

3. Moist chocolate cake. Cake mix. I said therefore that I didn't make it.. but was told that I had to mix it and put it in the oven and I did bake it.

I had so much fun! And, the best bit? The men at the party did the washing up.  Ok, so they submerged  the base of my steamer... so I'll have to buy a new one, but they are only $20. And, I didn't have to clean up!

And today, I'm off to the Karate Kid (that everyone's calling the Kung Fu Kid) - whatever, it's got Jackie Chan in it. And Jaden Smith (groan.)