Friday, July 2, 2010

The Next Blog

So sometimes when I'm bored, I go to one of the blogs I follow and click the nifty 'next blog' link. Now, if I do this from my blog, it tends to take me to education sites. Not homeschooling, but schools who don't seem to understand the whole VLP thing sweeping the world.

90%* of the blogs I have found are by mothers. I like them. I'm learning some things. But I have nothing in common with them.

95%* of them are from married people, or those getting married. Again, I like living vicariously, but that's not me.

50%* of them are from devout religious people. Probably my four favourite blogs are written by LDS women and (a new found one) a deeply Christian woman who 'submits' to her husband (to the point of losing weight if he asks.) and a friend's who is also Christian. I admire them. I am envious of their faith. But again, that's not me.

Does anyone know of any blogs that are from people similar to me:

  • single
  • lonely
  • very obese
  • unemployed
  • childless
  • living at home with a parent.
No? I'm not surprised.

I'm in wallow land... and I apologise. I just can't seem to lift myself out.

* denotes a made up (probably overexaggerated) number. Not scientific.

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