Friday, July 2, 2010

I am starting out again. Again. I have been on this journey for as long as I remember.

Going to 'Healthy Slimmers' with my mother and getting a prize when I got down to 48kgs. 1991 - I was 9. 9!!! My mother jumped on the overweight children bandwagon long before it was 'cool'.

Over the past 19 years, I have dieted. Many many times. And through many wierd and wonderful ways.

  • Weight Watchers
  • LA Weight loss (which is the only thing that has worked for me.)
  • Cambridge
  • Optislim
  • Veganism
  • One meal a day
  • Hypnotism
  • Weekly weigh ins and journal checks by the doctor (yay 6kgs in 1 year)

 Interestingly, doing this my way, the only thing that makes me lose weight is to have a sandwich and noodles every day. Very unhealthy.

  Essentially, my goals are:
SW: 139.8kgs
GW1: 125kgs

The lowest I've been in the last 15 years was 90kg - 14 hours of dancing a week.

Off to the doctor on Monday!

To be able to fit into seatbelts, showers, chairs. Oh, how glorious that would be!

**Oh, and if you are my family reading this, I would appreciate silent help. I do not need you to talk to me about it. I know that my embarrassment might make me eat chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.**


  1. I wish you all the motivation and inspiration that you need.

    My mother too, was "progressive" when it came to "overweight" children. I see snaps of myself when she first put me on a "diet" at aged 7. I was not fat.

    I soon became it.

    So, I hear you!

    And so I wish you the ability to find something that suits you, and the ability to stick with it happily......

  2. Thank you Lucy. Still working on getting the motivation 'natural' but it's getting there.