Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dating profile pictures

Looking at profile pictures on a few dating websites - antidepressants kicked in and I'm being proactive :) - and there are a few things I would like men to take heed of. Oh, ok then, women too.

1. If your favourite picture has a child in it, that's fine. As long as in the caption you explain who it is. It makes you look untruthful when you say you have no children, but are hugging one in your picture.

2. If you want to include a picture of your friends, that's all good too. We appreciate it. Just make sure it isn't your hottest female friend and you haven't got your arm around her. And again, explain who she is. It makes you look like you're a) cheating on your girlfriend, b) only friends with hot girls or c) not over your ex.

3. Don't use your wedding photo. No, I don't care if you've cut your wife's face out. I don't want to know that the photo you like of yourself is from your wedding.

4. Explain why you're in a tuxedo. I'm gonna assume it's your wedding.

5. Make sure your face is clearly visible. All good and well if I can see your ripped abs... but I want to know what you look like to others and not just without clothes on.

6. I looked better when I was 15 too. But I'm not. I'm 28. I haven't changed greatly since I was 26, so that's ok. I look like a different person from when I was 15. Post current pics; I'm not looking to date you 10 years ago.

Anyone else having problems with how people represent themselves? Let me know!


  1. I used to use a pic of Ursula Andress (hot Bond girl) as my profile pic for ages, just to amuse myself. Is that bad?

  2. Alex - Blogger won't let me authorise your comment.

    I think I would need clarification.

    What profile was this? A dating site? If so, then absolutely. Wouldn't you want people to contact you who wanted to speak to you and not to Ursula?

    If it was facebook or Myspace, no, as long as you aren't a guy misrepresenting yourself as a hot girl.

    Now, apologies if I've taken your comment way too seriously. I just believe that it's misrepresentations that cause a lot of the problems.