Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I totally have an assignment due on Friday. I haven't started, or even the readings! And what I have done, I left in W while I am in Brisbane.

So, I knew that this was going to happen. I was really engaged in the past two semesters and got a 6 and 7. *wow* Then I followed up 'Reading in and out of the classroom' with 'Teaching reading'. Total boredom. Overload I think. I really should have done something else and come back to this subject next year. :(

Ah, hindsight, you are a bitch. Why can we not have the benefit of your wisdom before we make decisions?

I have so much to do this week and I believe I'm going to apply for an extension. They seem to be much easier-going on post-grad students, so hope all will be OK. Otherwise, I'm-a gonna screw my GPA up!

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