Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day four *Warning, explicit content in links*

Not doing much today. I totally slept until midday!

Then I watched some junk midday movie with Brooke Shields, produced by Barbra Streisand, about Florida Family Law and the adoption of babies by homosexuals. Basically, it was designed as a tearjerker, but... with a point!

It ties in nicely with Qand A the other night. They discussed Marriage Equality, and Kristina Keneally said that she was in support of marriage equality. Then my friend posted an article about Rick Santorum and his comments about that if we allow homosexuals to marry, then we will allow bigamy, sodomy (uh, of course, idiot) and all other kinds of paraphilia. Some paraphilia are just wrong. Toe sucking? ewww...

But what's wrong with a little open bigamy? If all three (or more) of the people involved in that relationship don't mind, I don't see what's so wrong with it. I would be way too jealous of a person to be one of the many, but I could totally be the one in the middle  (I mean, the single sex to the multiple partners of the opposite sex!)

Marriage equality must come. It must. We are denying the human rights of those involved. As one commentor said on QandA - why do we deny the right of children with gay parents the right to have married parents?

But, let me sum it up with a cartoon.

It is time.

*Editted* - Tasmania voted in favour of marriage equality today. Now for the rest of the country to come in line!

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