Friday, September 30, 2011

Holiday Wrap-Up

So, holidays are now over. Well. At 11am tomorrow morning when I head back to W. What have I done? Well... in no particular order other than the order in which I think of them I have:

1. Found out about Eftpos costing money from the 1st October. Thieves. (I know, they're not, it's a business... but it's my damned money and I live in a town with no reditellers!)

2. Handed in a (pretty crappy) uni assignment.

3. Hugged my nephew lots. Lots.

4. Held H for the third time, and O and S for the first time.

5. Paid $920 to service my car three months after the last service.

6. Chosen brilliant pictures of my nephew and one is in my wallet. Not creepy! No,  it's not even though I'm not actually related to him.

7. Seen:
Lion King
The Change Up
The Help
Spy Kids 4 (DON'T!)
Johnny English the Rebirth

8. Watched tv channels other than Imparja, Southern Cross or ABC 1.

9. Slept a lot

10. Done absolutely NO term 3 planning.

I had a good two weeks off. Now for the 6 hour drive and getting up the courage to ask my housemate to flush!

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