Sunday, September 25, 2011


Had a great afternoon at my Tupperware party today. Thanks so much to Jess for leading us in a plasticware gala!

Everyone I invited came so I felt great. I really thought a few wouldn't and it would just be S and me, but D, N and K came as well. :) And all the kiddies.

One hit everyone on the head. Two cried, fed and slept (under 8 weeks) and one tried to get another to play ball. Sooooo cute!

It reminded me of what I don't have - love and companionship - and discussions about the texture and solidity of someone else's faeces.

So, while I don't have anyone to love me (other than blood relations and a couple of close friends) I do have autonomy in my discussions and never have to think about other people's bodily fluids.... and I definitely don't have to one-up someone else on how long between shits my lovely little dear went!

*But I don't mind (most of the time) being privy to conversations like that.*

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