Saturday, September 24, 2011


One of the many mothers I know finally left me in charge of one of their children! I know it sounds like something stupid to get worked up about, not being asked to babysit, especially because they all have such good familial support networks, but it kinda felt like a rebuff. Yes, you can look after kids as your job, but not mine.

Then CJ's Mummy left him in my care. Not only in my care, she trusted me enough to drive with him in the car, as well as take him to a family dinner at my Dad's.

He behaved so well and willingly went to anyone who wanted to hold him. My aunt and uncle both had a cuddle and he wouldn't come back from them. It was so cute!

Then I got him back to his house and he screamed for a minute to see whether I would come and get him. But I didn't and he ended up asleep. :) Don't know  that I've ever seen anyone sit on their knees, then bend their head to the mattress and sleep like that!

So gorgeous. Thank you.

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