Monday, April 9, 2012


After my Easter post, I understand that this post might be bizarre. I stand by what I said. I am not re-thinking my faith. That does not mean though, that others' faiths play no part in my life. Yes, most of my friends and family and devout athiests, or at least agnostics. Agnostic is probably the best way of describing it. When I gave the sermon at the UU church I attended a few years back, I said, "I am both polytheistic and monotheistic." And I am. I also think I'm digressing a bit.

The point of this post is to launch the 5 weeks, 5 disciplines, 5 challenges challenge on the Women Living Well website, run by Courtney. Now, with my faith, it may sound (and, actually, it's incredibly to me too) weird that my two favourite blogs are by two deeply devout religious people. Courtney is a Christian Proverbs 31 woman who home-schools and doesn't argue with her husband. If he wants her hair up, or her to loose weight, she does it. ((Shut up those of you I know are screaming!)). But I find so much in what she writes and I really enjoy reading about her experiences. She is so logical, and there is no, what I term 'Christian zealousness' - she wants people to come to Christ in their own way and her blog is there to facilitate that. I'm not coming closer to the Christian Jesus through her blog, but I am coming closer to my own understanding of my interpretation of Jesus and acceptance and removal of my prejudice against Christians through her blog.

The other blog I love and, while not as overt as Women Living Well, is Natalie's Nat the Fat Rat. She's a Morman. And after South Park's Mormon episode and the story of the Golden Plates, I think my prejudice of Mormons was even higher than my prejudice against Christians. But, really, if that's what you believe, all good to you. I believe in reincarnation and I am probably prejudiced against that by other people. I've learnt that all faiths are valid and have logical, open-minded and caring people in them. Anyway, the LDS church must do something right; every Mormon I've ever met or seen pictures of is gorgeous.

But I still need to work on my prejudice against Scientologists!

OK, the tangentbat just hit me on the head. I learnt yet another very geeky word with my bestie the other day. A bat that hits people for going on tangents; I so need one.

The current challenge on Women Living Well is based on Romans and being disciplined in mind, body, spirit, work and time. Holy mackerel do I need some discipline in these areas!

I am going to jump in with both feet and take what I need from the challenge.

I hope that you can join me and discipline yourself.

And give me kudos when it's all done, but NO advice or 'help'.

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