Saturday, April 21, 2012


I am back in the good old W. Two weeks holidays just flies doesn't it???

I slept a lot. Read all of the Hunger Games and LOVED every minute of them.

I also went to Melbourne. It was great. I have heaps of pics, but my internet sucks - thanks Telstra - and it's taking over 10 minutes to upload per pic, so sorry, not putting them up. :(

Old Melbourne Goal is always on my Melbourne trips, but I don't know I'll go back. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. I like the idea and have always really liked it. I think I was just too much more aware of the metaphysical aspects of it and with all the darkness and the capital punishments carried out, it just got me totally creeped out.

Then we went to a Fawlty Towers Dining Experience. And I must admit, I went begrudgingly. I wasn't  looking forward to it. I hate the television show and I just think the concept is stupid! But. You know what? I loved it. My jaw was actually hurting from smiling and laughing so hard. And they catered for my dietary requirements.

Then we went to Captain Cook's Cottage. Basically for school. But it was interesting to see again.

We went to the Zoo. Blergh. I enjoyed it, and I was able to meditate in the sun and see animals. I was happy to do it.

We went to dinner, and miscalculated the time. I think I ate an entire serve of lasagne in about 4 minutes!

Then we went to the event we went down to Melbourne for. Symphony of Legends. It was great. Brilliant music. Great atmosphere. Lots of laughs. I didn't know any of the pieces of music, but orchestral music is always good. Great. I tried to test myself and there was a guy by himself that was sitting next to me. Now, I am single and have been for 12 years. I thought it would be a good chance to talk to someone and just try the whole chatting thing. I did. He didn't. It was hilarious. He looked like a rabbit in headlights - such wide eyes - and was monosyllabic. It was pointed out to me that he was a single guy at a computer game symphony spectacular and I was probably the first girl that had spoken to him in ages besides his mum!

On Friday we went the St Patrick's Cathedral. Churches are always so peaceful. I even lit a couple of candles and talked to my angels. I didn't get struck down so my believes are safe!

We then went to the Melbourne Museum. My mind was blown by the VCE assignments that are in the museum. It was insane. That's the standard of some of the work in this country????!??!??! Jaysus!

We then headed home. We got to the airport an hour early and had dinner. And then, you know what? We got to the gate, running, as the boarding closed. Time management is not our forte'.

Except for the accommodation, which was dirty and malfunctioning, the holiday was just what I needed.

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  1. Last time I was in Melbourne, I was just passing through on the way to the fam in Colac. It was 14 years ago. I always loved Melbourne as a kid, though. Despite the rain. And, as a kid from North WA, that rain seemed endless.

    Glad you enjoyed the holiday.